Summer is Here!

Fire Chief Groves would like to remind residents and visitors to be careful with fire as we enter into our Summer season.  There are fires currently in Colorado Springs, Canon City, New Mexico and California.  Put out your campfires completely and refrain from tossing cigarette butts out the window of your vehicle.

Enjoy your Summer and our first event of the year this weekend —  Victor Gem and Mineral Show!!!!

Parking on South 3rd Street

The City is asking residents on South 3rd, between Victor Avenue and Portland, to assist businesses on the block by parking on the West side of the street during business hours.  Residential parking is negatively impacting local businesses on the East side of this block. Please help our downtown merchants accommodate their customers!!!

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter!  Don’t forget to shop local 🙂


Street Sweeping Season has Begun!!!

We will start downtown street sweeping on Sunday mornings again!  It would really help the sweeper if residents could move their vehicles to the opposite side of the street after the sweeper passes a few times.

Thanks for your patience and for taking pride in your City!

Spruce Up the Downtown!

Summer is here and tourists are coming!  Let’s spruce up the downtown by cleaning windows, sweeping and removing objects from the sidewalks. Our street sweeper will be up and running again soon.


Natural Gas is Coming to South 3rd!!!!

Colorado Natural Gas and their construction contractor have begun work to install gas lines in the southern part of the City.  They expect to be under construction through June 15th.

Thank you for your patience during construction.

If you have questions or wish to take this opportunity to connect for free, please contact Howard Wirtz (800-720-8193, ext 304).  If you do not connect during this project, connections in the future could cost the homeowner.

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