DU Intern Archives Victor City Records! Welcome to town, Sam!

My name is Samantha and I am a Masters of Library and Information Sciences student at the University of Denver with a concentration in archives. I have been working at City Hall for about a month now helping them with their archives. Towards the beginning of my Spring Quarter my advisor asked me if I had any summer plans one day. She said that a small town had reached out to the school asking for an archives intern to help them out. That was the beginning of my journey. My internship is beneficial not only to the City of Victor but to myself as well. While the City is getting help putting their archive in place, having a plan for how to maintain it, and a way to find exactly what they need I am gaining valuable experience. Before this job I had volunteered in archive like settings, even helping a library get funding to digitize some of their newspapers. But the experience that I am gaining here is something I could not have gotten anywhere else. I am able to gain experience in all aspects of working in an archive as well as processing a collection. Not only am I gaining archival experience but Records Management experience as well, figuring out how active records should be stored and how long they should be kept for. While conducting my internship so far I have come across many interesting things, from the size of books used to keep notes to the type of paper that some of these records were recorded on. So far the oldest document I have found comes from the mid 1890’s, and it was stored next to something from 1992. There have been letters alluding to an affair and documents I can’t quite place, every day is an exciting adventure and I find something new. Currently I am working on two things: taking an inventory of what is in the vault, and going through the boxes that were in the archive and seeing what needs to be kept and what should be destroyed in accordance with the State’s records management manual. I am very appreciative of the opportunity I have been provided with and am loving the town.

Final Draft of Victor’s Municipal Code Available for Review

This code has taken almost three years and involved a code publishing company, two City attorneys, two citizen advisory groups, several City staff members, 7 different Council members and a technical reviewer to complete.  The chapters are organized just as other municipal codes for consistency.  The information is the combination of just under 500 municipal ordinances that have been adopted since Victor became a City plus several updates and rewrites where it was found the old ordinances were dated, unenforceable, inconsistent or a violation of court decisions or state statutes.

A special thanks to both citizen advisory committees—Building Code and Zoning!!!  These two ordinances could not have been completed without your commitment of time and tenacity!

Full copies are available for review at City Hall and the Victor Public Library or online at https://cityofvictor.com/municipalcode.html .

Please submit your comments or suggestions in writing to help Council with the final review and adoption.

The public hearing is scheduled for 6 pm on August 11, 2016.

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