Thank you to everyone who attended the community meeting on October 16 to discuss ideas for city-owned lots on South First Street.

There were many good questions and comments on the idea of selecting a developer partner to build some new housing on the 16 city-owned lots.  Many comments supported building homes for sale to teachers and other permanent residents who need housing in Victor.

After reviewing all the ideas, the City Council has decided to move ahead with selecting a developer partner for the site.  A Request for Proposals is being issued on November 3, 2019.

We expect to have another opportunity for public input at some point in the process and will keep you updated.

Below are some of the comments from the meeting and some questions with responses.

For questions, please call Deb or Becky at 719-689-5641 or -5640, respectively.

 Community Housing Meeting, October 16th 2019-Victor, CO

 Community Thoughts:

+ Multifamily Density not popular, prefer single family home ownership (not apartments)

+  Home Ownership Only (no rentals)

+ Buena Vista Model would work

+ 1,500-2,500 SQ Foot (Family)

+ 2-3 Bedroom

+ Better Drainage

+ 1,000 SQ Foot (starter home)

+ Targeted at community members instead of transient employees

+ Needs to be maintained

+ Higher density units on Victor Avenue only

+ Keep current neighborhood housing density

+ Not overdeveloped/cramped

+ Build 3, Sell 3 (if land retained by City, half to be sold)

+ Incentives for development on other properties available?

+ Deed Restrictions can be used

+ Do the citizens even want housing?

+ Online updates on blog and Facebook

+ City Referendum

+ City as a partner is beneficial

+ Smaller homes 700-800 SQ Foot


To Do List – Specific Answers to Questions Posed

– In the survey, was there a breakout predicted job growth by industry?

The job growth was projected for the zip code area comprising Cripple Creek and Victor (80813, 80860). This is because the mine is in the zip code area, not city-boundaries.

The survey did not project based on specific industry – though the survey indicated growth would occur across the mix of jobs that exists. In other words, assume that job growth will match pretty much what exists now.

– How many Victor residents responded to the survey?

About 25% of all households in Victor to respond to the survey: 62 within city limits; 89 living in the zip code (80860). That is a very high ratio; 19-20% is more typical.


+ Additional ADU information – The City is reviewing options to allow accessory dwelling units on properties

+ Housing Rehabilitation Grant Info (COG) –

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