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The City of Victor operates its Building Department pursuant to its Municipal Code and contracts with Colorado Code Consulting (building official) for plan review and inspections.

Victor municipal code requires a building permit for most construction, remodel or demolition of any building within the City limits. The following information is intended to assist you in determining what type of permit applies to your project and assist you through the permit process. Refer to Permit Requirement Quick Guide for information on projects that do/do not require permits and required document submission.  If you have any question after reading this information, please contact the Building Department at 719-689-5640 or 719-689-5641.

To obtain a building permit:

1- Building permit applications and Instructions are available below or at City Hall.
2- Submit the completed Building Permit Application Form, required plans, building guides, other requested documents and permit fees.


3- Construction may not commence until the building permit has been issued and the permit posted on the building/property. Commencement of work prior to acquiring a required building permit may result in costly penalties.
4- Inspection instructions are located on the Inspection Card/Permit issued to the applicant.
5- Permits become null and void if no inspections occur for a period of one year (365 days).
6- After the building passes the Final Inspection, if applicable, the Building Official will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.
7- Changes to an existing building may or may not require a building permit.It is your responsibility to determine the need for a Building Permit prior to commencing work on the project.
8- A re-inspection fee may be assessed when inspections are requested prior to the work being ready, if the permit card is not posted, if the approved plans are not available on the job site, or when access is not provided for the inspector. No further inspections will be made until the re-inspection fee is paid.
9- Inspections are made at various stages of the building project. If you have questions regarding the necessity of inspections at particular stages, please contact the building department.

The following links will guide you through the building permit process:

View Existing Permits

View Permits


In most cases, the State of Colorado requires an asbestos inspection prior to any demolition.   If you have any questions regarding the necessity of this inspection and/or permit, more information is available at  Under some circumstances, a demolition permit may also be required by the City.  Please call the City of Victor Building Department with the description of your project for this determination.

Elevator Inspections

Teller County will continue to conduct elevator inspections. Contact: Teller County Community Services, Telephone: 719-687-3048, 800 Research Drive, Tamarac Business Center, Woodland Park, Colorado.

Contemporaneous Review of Electrical and Plumbing Licenses

The City of Victor Building Inspectors are authorized, and required by State law, to perform random reviews of licenses of electricians and plumbers on job sites. Electrical and Plumbing workers are required, and expected, to carry their appropriate cards showing that they are a licensed Apprentice, Journeyman or Master worker, so that when requested, they can produce it.  Inspectors will verify that the cards are current, and that no more than 3 apprentices per licensed Journeyman or Master workers are on the job. Non-compliant workers, and/or apprentices without the presence of their licensed Journeyman or Master, or workers unable to produce their cards will be required to leave the job site, and the Company shall be reported to DORA.

For questions regarding code interpretation, applicability or compliance, please email

To contact the Building Department:

Vera Pratt
City of Victor
500 Victor Avenue
Victor, Colorado 80860
Telephone: 719-689-5640
Fax: 719-689-2703

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