City Administrator

The position of City Administrator is filled by Council appointment. The City Administrator is ultimately responsible for most activities of the City, including but not limited to, employee supervision, project management, grant administration, and the execution of a work plan which is developed by City Council and amended as priorities change. The City Administrator is the City’s Budget Officer, as appointed by City Council, and develops and prepares a draft budget for the City Council’s review, amendment, and ultimate adoption.

It is the desire of the City Administrator to objectively evaluate the needs and wants of the City and its citizens; and, to take appropriate action to resolve matters that arise.

The position of City Administrator is currently held by Debra Downs, a Victor native, who retired after 27 years of service at the State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs, as one of eight Colorado Field Representatives. She brings with her a broad knowledge of municipal administration and the ability to assist City Council in leading Victor to a prosperous future.

To Contact the City Administrator:

Debra Downs
City of Victor
500 Victor Avenue
P. O. Box 86
Victor, Colorado 80860
Telephone: 719-689-5641
Fax: 719-689-2703

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City Departments At-A-Glance

City of Victor

500 Victor Ave. PO Box 86
Victor, Colorado 80860
T: 719-689-2284 F: 719-689-2703

Animal Control

TCSO 719-687-9652

Building Department

Becky Frank 719-689-5640

City Administrator

Debra Downs 719-689-5641

Assistant City Administrator/
Victor Main Street Manager

Becky Frank 719-689-5640

City Clerk & Treasurer

Glori Thurston 719-689-2284

Fire Department

Chief Chivas Groves 719-689-2886

Law Enforcement

Cmdr. Greg Couch 719-687-9652

Planning & Zoning

Becky Frank 719-689-5640

Public Facility Use

Becky Frank719-689-3464

Public Works

Kurt Yeater 719-689-3464

Utility Billing

Glori Thurston 719-689-2248

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