Mayor & City Council

The City of Victor is a statutory city of the State of Colorado and is governed by Colorado Revised Statutes and a set of ordinances which are compiled in a “municipal code.”

The City of Victor is governed by a five member council comprised of four members, two from each of two wards, and a Mayor. City Council members and the Mayor are elected to overlapping terms of four years with elections every other odd numbered year in November.

The City Council and Mayor form the legislative branch of the City while the administrative duties are carried out by an appointed City Administator. The City Council establishes and continuously reviews a set of goals by which they govern. The City’s budget is adopted with the criteria of addressing those goals.

The City Council members and Mayor are anxious to meet the needs and hear the opinions of their constituents. City Council meetings are typically held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (see municipal calendar) beginning with a worksession at 5:00PM followed by the official Council meeting at 6:00PM, both of which are open to the public. The City Council and Mayor positions are part time and none hold regular office hours at City Hall.

Agendas, Briefs & Meetings

City Council Meetings are held in the Council Chambers on the 2nd Floor of Victor City Hall at 500 Victor Avenue. Please be sure to check the most current schedules posted at the City Hall as meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – August 15, 2019
Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – July 11, 2019
Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2019
Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2019
Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – March 21, 2019
Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2019
Agenda | Regular Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2019

Archived City Meetings > Minutes

City Council & Mayor

Mayor Bruce Davis (through 11/21 – 2019 election will elect a Mayor for the remainder of the term)
Council Ward 1
Byron L. Hakes (through 11/21)
Council Ward 1 VACANT 
(through 11/19)
Council Ward 2
Terry Akins (through 11/19)
Council Ward 2
Michelle Wirtz (through 11/21)

Correspond by Regular Mail to:

City of Victor
P. 0. Box 86
Victor, CO 80860

Department Links

City Departments At-A-Glance

City of Victor

500 Victor Ave. PO Box 86
Victor, Colorado 80860
T: 719-689-2284 F: 719-689-2703

Animal Control

TCSO 719-687-9652

Building Department

Becky Frank 719-689-5640

City Administrator

Debra Downs 719-689-5641

Assistant City Administrator/
Victor Main Street Manager

Becky Frank 719-689-5640

City Clerk & Treasurer

Glori Thurston 719-689-2284

Fire Department

Chief Chivas Groves 719-689-2886

Law Enforcement

Cmdr. Greg Couch 719-687-9652

Planning & Zoning

Becky Frank 719-689-5640

Public Facility Use

Becky Frank719-689-3464

Public Works

Kurt Yeater 719-689-3464

Utility Billing

Glori Thurston 719-689-2248