The City of Victor’s finances are generally managed by the City Administrator in cooperation with the City Treasurer and at the direction of the Mayor & City Council. The budget is adopted annually through a series of budget meetings that are open to the public (see City Calendar for details of meeting times). The City’s financial operations are audited by an independent auditor annually and the annual audit report is available through the links found on this page.

Budgets & Audits

2021 Audit
2021 Budget
2020 Audit
2020 Budget
2019 Audit
2019 Budget
2018 Audit
2018 Budget
2017 Audit
2017 Budget
2016 Audit
2016 Budget
2015 Audit
2015 Budget
2014 Audit
2014 Budget
2013 Audit
2013 Budget
2012 Audit

Department Links

City Departments At-A-Glance

City of Victor

500 Victor Ave. PO Box 86
Victor, Colorado 80860
T: 719-689-2284 F: 719-689-2703

Animal Control

TCSO 719-687-9652

Building Department

Vera Pratt 719-689-5640

City Administrator

Richard Mann 719-689-5641

City Clerk & Treasurer

Clark Eastin 719-689-2284

Fire Department

Fire Chief Ryan Haines 719-689-2886

Law Enforcement

Cmdr. Greg Couch 719-687-9652

Parks & Facilities

Kim Lottig 719-689-2284

Planning & Zoning

Vera Pratt 719-689-5640

Public Works

Richard Mann 719-689-5641

Utility Billing

Glori Thurston 719-689-2248

Victor Main Street Manager

Kim Lottig 719-494-9789

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